The Liebster Award – Nominated


Happy Thursday, peeps! I hope you are having an absolutely fantastic day! I was nominated by the sweet Sophie Melissa for the Liebster Award, and I cannot thank her enough for this honor. I would highly recommend checking her blog out. Sophie is a writer, and she offers helpful Writing Resources to all who need it!

Now on to the award!

Thank the person who nominated you

Display the award

Write a 150-300 word post on your favorite blog

Name 10 Facts about yourself (optional)

Nominate 5-11 blogs


My favorite blog? Are you kidding me?! You might as well ask me to name my favorite book. I have too many and to pick just one? Impossible!

But after looking and looking and looking at each blog I follow, I’m going to break the rules and name two of my favorites because I just can’t choose between the two. And who are they you may be asking yourself? Why, it’s Belle from Worlds of Ink and Paper, and Kenzie at Smudged Thoughts!

Worlds of Ink and Paper

A year ago, I submitted my first chapter of my 2nd draft of The Orb of Unlimited Power to one of my favorite author’s Critique Groups. Belle was one of the many people who commented on my chapter. She liked my story and invited me to join The Inklings, a critique group where we would send chapters in and comment on each of our stories. During this time, I did not have a blog, until December of that year, and one of the first blogs I followed was Belle’s.

I absolutely love her blog. She’s a writer, too, and she has so many wonderful story ideas and characters to share. My personal favorite (though I’m biased) is Alomina or The Book of Many Journeys, a story about a girl and her brother and their adventures in this fantasy world as they fall in love for the first time, try to protect each other from the dangers of the world (though mostly the brother protecting his sister), and having to deal with all the problems that arise around their happy life.

Belle posts about her books (Meet the Books!), giving her followers a thorough explanation of each of her characters, plots, short scenes, character inspiration pictures, and the setting. She also posts character interviews where her followers can ask questions for her characters to answer. She’s also currently doing a Catholicism Explained series of posts, where she explains the different traditions and aspects of her religion, which I find very interesting.

I am honestly so grateful to have stumbled upon this awesome human being! I must urge you to check out her blog and the stories she has shared. And I am very much hoping I will one day finish Alomina because I must know the fate of Percy! And of course Mina as well 🙂

Smudged Thoughts

Kenzie, Kenzie, Kenzie . . . I believe I stumbled upon her blog through a link and what are the odds I’d fall head over heels in love with her blog? I don’t think I had ever clicked the Follow button so fast. Kenzie is such a hoot! I find myself laughing and giggling as I read her posts. I love her voice that comes out, the virtual sweets she offers, her quirky attitude, and her energy. She makes me smile even if my mood is a bit sour that day.

Kenzie is a writer as well (check out her Library). She reviews books, writes about anything on her mind, offers her tips and tricks for writing, shares a bit about her stories, and often mentions her love of cookies, a lot. Not judging. There is a special place in my heart for cookies as well. You will have to check out her blog to see her absolutely adorable cookie wallpaper that she made herself!

I look forward to more of her posts, and even better, receiving more cookies from her!

These are for you, Kenzie! They were baked with happiness & joy 😀 And I’m also sorry I don’t comment enough:( 
There you have it! My two favorite blogs! So hard to choose from the many bloggers I follow. I will not be writing the 10 Facts about myself because I did a similar post a few weeks ago, and well, I’m running out of facts about myself to share with you. As for Nominee’s, here they are . . .
  1. Anna from Writely Wonderings
  2. Ellie from On the Other Side of Reality
  3. Lucy from Tangle Webs and Fairy Rings
  4. Kit from Come, Rest a While
  5. Kate from Story and Dark Chocolate!

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