The Orb of Unlimited Power

Alaine Turner doesn’t know where she came from. She was adopted into a wonderful family, has a great friend, and lives a good life, but she has often wondered, “Where did I come from?” All she was left with as a baby was a hide blanket with her name burned on the fur. Then, on her 16th birthday, the question is answered. A man who claims to be her biological father gives Alaine a magical orb of power. The orb tells her, and yes it talks, that she was in fact born on another world called Coran. The orb takes Alaine to Coran where she is sucked into the world’s never ending civil war between the Barren and the magical folk known as the Gifted. As she discovers more about Coran and this life she might’ve had, Alaine learns one important detail that may in fact change her entire future.